“A beautiful time in a beautiful place.”

Sacred Space seemed so much longer than a week. A beautiful time in a beautiful place. Experiences shared, friendships made, so much discovered about ourselves and each other. When left, I felt a different person.

— Celia

“Laughter and love.”

The most relaxing experience where the body stretches and the mind unwinds. Holistic deluxe cure in natural beauty. Outstanding yoga. Exquisite care. Laughter and love. Just wow!

— Jo

To me it’s not an understatement to say that both Carina and Faye have touched and transformed my life. This retreat is perfect whether you want to progress your yoga practice, make some changes, feed your soul or delve deeper into the world of ritual and deeper spiritual insights. Or all the above! Both Faye and Carina hold space for all group members in such a beautiful and caring way. It was a magical week and we bonded so much, I made friends for life. If this has resonated, I hope so much you decide to book and experience this magical experience for yourself

— Cat


“A wonderful mix of spirituality and yoga.”

Sacred Space was a beautiful retreat. A wonderful mix of spirituality and yoga in a beautiful place. I left inspired and eager to do another retreat soon

— Dianna

“Truly life transforming.”

The Sacred Space was truly life transforming in many ways, from the amazing mix of yoga transfused with amazing food and juices with fabulous meditation and magical ceremonies, not to mention meeting beautiful souls who I will never forget .... all in the most beautiful setting .... pure bliss xxxxx 

— Lainey


“Great yoga and spirituality.”

Three months after the Sacred space retreat, I still can feel the benefits of it. Great Yoga and spirituality with beautiful people and in a wonderful place made me feel stronger and more self confident. I highly recommend the retreat and I am already dreaming of a new week with Sacred space!

— Carolin

“It was amazing”

I think this reatret was amazing! I hope you can add even more spirituality. I’m on a spiritual journey after Ibiza and I love it ❤ Carina and Faye are the best teachers and I really hope you do reatret together again.

— Helene

Cannot wait to do another one.”

It was my second retreat with Carina, the best yoga teacher ever. The retreat was beautiful, makes us feel stronger and more peaceful. Cannot wait to do another one!

— Jenn


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