Carina Bogner - Co founder of Sacred Space, Adventure Yogi retreat leader and yoga teacher

Carina’s love for adventure and people has led her through numerous places in the world and she finally settled on the island Ibiza where she also absolved her first Yoga Teacher training. Always attract to the energetic effects of the practice as well as the physical aspects. 

Having led numerous retreats for one of the most respected wellness companies in Europe she is well experienced in all aspects involved. Carina prides herself in clear guidance in her classes, including chanting and various approaches of meditation practice to explore the full spectrum that is Yoga. 

Faye Reason - Co founder of “Sacred Space”, retreat leader and shamanic teacher 

Faye has always been attracted to shamanism and earth energies; since she was a child she was experiencing phenomena of the natural world and started working with crystals at 6 years old. In 2002 Faye learned traditional Usui Reiki, then went on to explore the mystery schools, joining the theosophical society and pagan-influenced healing network. She has worked with shaman teachers in central and South America, as well as working with and learning from Native Canadian, First Nation People. She has studied under Stanislav Grof psychology program and has qualifications from The London School of Natural Sciences and Stars Edge International in the USA.